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Types of Women's Handbags

Wherever you go, you will definitely notice the different styles and designs of women's handbags. It is absolutely one of the most popular accessories for women. One can hardly imagine going to places without the comfort and convenience of handbags which stores all the things that means the world to most women. Like it or not, an exclusive and designer-inspired handbags makes a lot of difference in one's personality and looks. They may be expensive but they are worth all the joys and beauty to the modern women.

Here's a simple fact: we are what we choose. Choosing things to own is just among the many unconscious facts that make up our personality. Women who choose their ladies handbags also pick the ones which speak more of their kind. Fun-colored ladies handbags exude a child-like personality to the owners while neutral colors show more of a business-like personality. Whatever you choose, ladies handbags that matches you simply abound.Here are the different types of women's handbags.

What Ladies Handbags Best Suit You?

Here are some of the best handbags that many women find themselves purchasing because of so many functions and the varied personalities that they find in numerous designs.

1. Leather Handbags. Who would not want a ladies handbag made from leather? The most sought-after Hollywood female stars are never without expensive leather handbags. It speaks of certain kind of status which many women find attractive. Using leather handbags in your everyday routine is a big plus. Consider how many times and occasions where these ladies handbags overcome the wear and tear. Many working individuals have also favored the functionalities as well as the reliability of these items. Many creative minds have opened new doors for trends and fashion to blend like Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and many more. Take a look at so many ways leather handbags are now made.

2. Totes. These ladies handbags are constantly on the rise because many fashionista just can't resist their designs and color. The best thing about tote is the ample space it gives to the user. People who blend practicality without losing fashion sense opt for fun and crazy tote designs. For elegant occasions, a clutch is a must. The type of totes you choose usually depend on how you want others perceive of you. There are knitted, suede, sparkling, crisscross and even stone-studded.

3. Clutches and Purses. Going for an important gala or party requires beautiful clutches or purses. Check out how royal families handle them with style. Clutches and purses are beautiful accessories to go with gowns and formal wear.

4. Hobos. This type of bag is best represented by crescent shape with enough space to store things. Of course, hobos are made stylishly beautiful because designers like the Olsen twins crafted outstanding bohemian touch and designs. The popularity of hobos can also be seen on the number of women who prefer to use it especially everyday for comfort and functionality. Add Deux Lux high up on your list of great designers for this type of bag.  Here's a great site to find some super cute Deux Lux bags!  

5. Motorcycle Bags. Being feminine does not necessarily mean only going after the soft, gaily and easy things to carry. The personalities that hobos and motorcycle bags speak of woman who knows she is in control. Getting anywhere with a reliable and a strong, stylish ladies handbag to go is already one personality that fits many crowds today.

Here's a few cute ideas for some good bags!